Vicki and Van visit the Pershing's in Iwakuni, Japan

April 2006

We arrived in Iwakuni via Hiroshima, Seoul and LA. The Marine Air Station is where Adam and Jen call home for the time being.
The town of Iwakuni, Japan as seen from the Pershing's quarters. Iwakuni is considered a country hick town in Japan.
Sammy and Johnny are the best friends as seen in this candid shot of a friendly game of cards.
Japan has some of the most beautiful women in the world. They can be seen gathered 'round the seawalls of the small towns.
Grandma loves her boys.
We visited the Kintai Bridge.
The Pershing family as seen crossing the Kintai Bridge. It was cherry blossom time as came be seen the background.
Young Jonathan posing in front of a statue of some great Japanese statesman (or whoever).
We visited Miyajima island. This is what visitors see as they enter the island port - at least when we're there!
On Miyajima the deer hunting is excellent and somewhat easier than here at home.
Miyajima is home to many beautiful sites - at least when we're there!
At tram ride up into the mountains of Miyajima reveals some great views.
The mountain tops are covered with beautiful sites - at least when we're there!
Here Johnny assembles a small airplane under the tutelage of his Grandfather
Johnny has his annual dental check up at the Iwakuni clinic. The dentists there are some of the best in the world, we are told.
Lt. Adam Pershing's radio show, "Eat Your Eighties", airs twice weekly on the local Armed Forces Network. Here is mother and father are guests on the show.
Eating out is always a treat. A delicious meal of chicken on a stick is partaken of at what those can't pronounce the real name call the "Chicken Shack".
A shot taken outside the Chicken Shack of Grandma and Grandpa with the boys.
Samari warriors are a common site throughout Japan.
Grandpa and the boys pose on an old steam locomotive on display in Tsuwano, Japan.
We visit a tourist attraction called Huis Ten Bosch close to Sasabo, Japan. It's a replica of a Holland city built by a Japanese who was in love with Holland. It's on the scale of Disneyland.
Here were are posing in a pair of rather large wooden shoes.