The Great South African Adventure
Van & Vicki Pershing    
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Visit to Kragga Kamma Game Reserve    
5Sep15: About 3 miles from our place in Port Elizabeth lies the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve. We arrived and boarded a Land Rover for a nice tour around the park. Normally we would have driven through on a self-guided tour, but due the recent rains the road were closed to all but the best 4-wheel drive vehicles.    
There was a nice heard of giraffes. This is the dominant male.     
There are also water bucks roaming  the facility.
And the odd ostrich.....   
There was a momma ostrich keeping the eggs warm as we passed. The two eggs you see outside the nest are infertile so she doesn't waste her body heat keeping them warm. How's she know no one knows.   
The park maintains a heard of about 25 buffalo. This sassy momma wouldn't get off the road to let us pass. You'll notice she's really cool since she has a straw hanging out of her mouth.    
There were plenty of warthogs in the area.     
They feed the cheetahs a tourist every third day or so.     
And there was a snack bar.............................     
Next to the snack bar there was a short hiking trail call The Monkey Walk. The trail went through some thick foliage that was most peaceful and beautiful....there were no monkeys to be seen. We suspect they were all at the beach.     
However, there was still plenty of beauty to seen on the hike!